If there's something you've always wanted and never been able to find, Inkerman pride themselves on being able to design and make these items for you. We have worked on a whole range of bespoke items from racing trophies to custom made jewellery rolls. Whatever the occasion we are confident that we can find the perfect gift to fit your budget and theme.

We have been working with our highly skilled, British craftsmen for 15 years and use traditional methods to design and create bespoke trophies in gleaming silver, pewter and crystal with intricate details of carbon fibre, aluminum,  marble, ebony and mahogany.

At Inkerman, we focus on attention to detail, and are able to turn bespoke designs into visually stunning trophies and gifts that align perfectly with your corporate branding.

Interaction with each of our clients is crucial, but we typically start each bespoke design with a client brief with one of Inkerman's dedicated senior sales staff. We work closely with the client to understand their budget and expectations and our designers will create a number of visual proofs and samples to confirm the design direction.

Please call either Kiki, Louise, Sally or Mark on 01892 752211 and we will be more than happy to discuss you requirements, and put some ideas together for you.

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