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Hand Picked Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas

Indulge in the season of giving with our hand-picked selection of luxury Christmas gift ideas. Every gift is luxuriously wrapped and ribboned in the iconic Inkerman box and remember it's the little details that make Inkerman gifts a pleasure to give and receive. Heighten your gift giving this Christmas, knowing that you have chosen an exquisite presents.

Leather Hip Flask

The Leather Hip Flask, handcrafted in Birmingham, England, is a luxurious and practical gift choice for the discerning recipient. This exquisite piece, one of our hand picked gifts, is a testament to British craftsmanship, its smooth, textured leather encasing lending it an air of sophistication.

Perfect for 18th & 21st birthdays, christenings, or confirmations, it embodies the essence of luxury gifts. For those seeking Christmas luxury, this flask is an ideal pick. As one of the best luxury gifts, it can be personalized with names, dates, or initials, adding a unique touch to your gifting.

If you are looking for luxurious gift ideas, this Leather Hip Flask stands out, making it one of the finest Christmas gifts for the season.

 Hip Flasks Hip Flasks are the ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts

Tilly Cross Body Bag

Inkerman London's Tilly Cross Body Bag, crafted from luxury Italian textured calf leather, is another handpicked treasure that promises to elevate the Christmas gifting experience with its practicality and style.

Embodying the essence of best luxury hand picked gifts, this item is a great gift choice for both men and women, suitable for various activities from dog walking to shopping. The bag can be embossed with initials or a discreet logo, adding a personal touch to this luxury Christmas gift. It's a present that is practical and suitable for any age.

Available in multiple colour options, the Tilly Cross Body Bag is a standout among luxury Christmas presents for its sophistication and attention to detail.

 Tilly Cross Body Bag The Tilly Bag is our Autumn best seller

Pair of Marylebone Wine Glasses

A pair of Marylebone Wine Glasses, currently a popular design, offers an elegant and personalised gift option for the upcoming Christmas season. As part of the best Christmas gift ideas, these luxurious glasses can be customised to make for truly unique presents, making them a great handpicked gift.

With their refined design, these glasses are not just a luxury Christmas gift, but an experience that combines aesthetics with functionality. Available in both red and white variants, this selected gift can be tailored to suit any preference, making them one of the top picked luxury gifts this Christmas. Whether you're looking for gifts Christmas themed or simply a beautiful addition to a loved one's collection, the Marylebone Wine Glasses are an excellent choice.


4 Luxury Candle Collection

Inkerman's Luxury Candle Collection presents a handpicked selection of exquisite fragrances, offering an immaculate blend of ambience, sophistication, and warmth, making it a perfect Christmas gift choice.

The collection, known for its luxuries, features four distinct scents: Lemongrass & Verbena, Sandalwood & Cedar, Pomegranate, and the upcoming Gingered Wild Fig. Each candle, weighing 200 grams, has a clean flame and minimal sooting, ensuring the best Christmas experience.

Also, the fragrance/wax pool dimensions are designed to avoid tunnelling, making them the best gifts this festive season. These luxuries make the collection an ideal luxury birthday or Christmas gift.

For those seeking the best Christmas gifts, Inkerman's Luxury Candle Collection, wrapped in signature boxes, offers elegance and exclusivity. Corporate orders and personalised gifts are also an option.

 Box set of four candles The Candle Set is an ideal Christmas gift

Leather Travel Backgammon Board

For those seeking a unique and luxurious Christmas gift, a Leather Travel Backgammon Board could be the perfect choice. This finely crafted board, handpicked from our Christmas picks, is made from the best British calf skin leather, delivering a great tactile experience for hands. Its rich black and cream inlays, and cleverly designed zipped compartment for checkers, make it a standout amongst other handpicked presents for those with discerning tastes.

This could be the best Christmas gift for adults of any age, perfect for birthdays too. The board's customization option, available in navy and mulberry shades, makes it a truly personal pick. Add personalisation by way of embossing initials, either blind, gold or silver to give it that extra special touch.


Pair of Hand Blown Wine Glasses

These Hand-blown Windsor Wine Glasses add a touch of elegance to any festive table setting and are available as a pair. Crafted in England, each glass is a testament to skilled craftsmanship, made of lead free crystal that catches the light beautifully.

Available in green, pink, or blue, these glasses are versatile enough for both red and white wine. For an intimate touch, personalization options include etching of initials, dates, or messages, turning each glass into a cherished keepsake.

Packaged in sustainable, signature Inkerman boxes, these glasses are the embodiment of luxury gifting. These are truly timeless pieces and would make an elegant addition to any dining table.


Leather Jewellery Roll

The next handpicked luxury Christmas gift on our list is a Leather Jewellery Roll. This essential accessory is perfect for those who cherish their jewellery collection. Crafted in England from textured leather,

this exquisite piece has dedicated sections for rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. It's the perfect size for business trips, nights away, or holidays, ensuring your precious treasures are always close at hand.

With the option for embossed initials and a choice of silver or blind embossing, this gift can be personalized to add an extra touch of sophistication. All gifts are delivered in signature Inkerman boxes, wrapped for the ultimate unboxing experience. Whether it's an 18th or 21st birthday, or a special Christmas present, this Leather Jewellery Roll is a must have travel accessory.


Eridge Champagne Cooler

Another exceptional choice for a luxurious Christmas gift is the Eridge Champagne Cooler. This sophisticated and sleek piece can hold two Champagne bottles or three wine bottles with ease.

The Eridge Champagne Cooler is an exquisite cooler with a polished nickel plate finish that exudes class and elegance. Its unique oval shape and weight of 2.3kg are a testament to its robust craftsmanship.

One of the standout features of the Eridge Champagne Cooler is its suitability for engraving. Whether it's initials, dates, or logos, this personal touch adds an intimate element to the gift.

Wrapped in Inkerman's signature boxes, the Eridge Champagne Cooler is a practical accessory for celebrations and serves as an impressive trophy and a timeless token for any special occasion.


Weekend Bags

High-quality weekend bags, such as the traditionally crafted canvas bag, offer both practicality and style, making them an ideal luxury Christmas gift.

These bags feature a washed canvas construction with sturdy, chocolate brown cotton webbing straps, suitable for weekend getaways or overnight stays, they easily fit on a train's luggage rack or a car's backseat.

The bag's well-crafted design has a padded base and hand grip, a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap, and zipped pockets for secure storage, enhancing its functionality.

Available in vintage green or navy, this classic canvas weekend bag, priced at £90.00, makes a thoughtful, luxurious present this Christmas.

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