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Product fact file: Small 13cm coloured glass bowls

At Inkerman, we understand that you want our range to include elegant, high-quality gifts that make an impression. We also know that sometimes what makes a present extra special is knowing exactly where it came from, that it was made with love and care, and that it is indeed one of a kind.

With that in mind we’ve taken the time to explain in a little more detail where some of our most popular items come from, and this time we’re taking a look at our coloured glass bowls.

Our small Mindfulness Bowl are fantastic gifts and appropriate for many occasions. From bright and beautiful wedding gifts to perfect presents for birthdays, christenings and other celebrations these small but perfectly formed bowls are made exclusively for Inkerman by a family business of glassblowers here in England.


The Mindfulness Bowls - Glass Making Process

To make one of our beautiful coloured bowls, a particular sequence must be followed in the glass making process.

First, a piece of concentrated colour stick is heated up and picked up on the end of a glassblowing iron (hollow rod). More heat is applied until the stick becomes molten.

A further layer, possibly two layers of clear molten glass are gathered over the top, and then the glassmaker gets air into the glass by blowing gently down the hollow rod and trapping air inside.

The heat of the glass expands the breath, and the glassblower places a thumb over the end of the rod, so the air has no way of escaping and is forced into the glass.

Once that first bit of air is in it takes no more than a single heavy breath out to blow the piece up. With the bowl shape formed, the glass is next dropped into a carbon mould which has been lined with cork dust and soaked in water.

At this point, the glass is turned slowly in the mould as the glassblower gently blows the piece up. Once the glass has filled the mould, it is removed and taken to the annealing kiln to cool slowly overnight.  

Once the glass has wholly cooled the glassblower will return to it the following morning, remove the top and any sharp edges are ground and polished until the bowl is complete.


Glass Making Process - Four Steps

There are four processes to follow when crafting each bowl in the glass making process. These are:

  1. Making

  2. Finishing once cold

  3. Quality control

  4. Packing and despatch

Two Glassblowers are required to make each bowl. One person does the finishing on the cold glass, the other will carry out quality control, and will pack and despatch.


What gives the bowls their beautiful colours?

Our Mindfulness Bowls are available in Emerald Green, Aqua Blue or Rose Pink. Specialist companies produce the colours all over the world.  They start with furnaces of clear glass, but then add chemicals and minerals to change the colour and bring it to the exact unique shades required.  The glass is then removed and cooled in the same way then processed into different size grains according to the requirements. Concentrated rods of colour can also be produced that are so concentrated; they almost look black. However as the glass is blown up, it stretches the tone and becomes lighter. The more rods that are used, the denser the colour gradient that is achieved.

Our glass bowls are all handcrafted, bespoke items that look fantastic in any home and perfectly combine practical use with aesthetically pleasing design. The glass can also be beautifully etched with a date, name, initials or message to make it a unique and a touching, thoughtful gift your loved one is sure to treasure.

If you have any questions about our Mindfulness Bowls or any of the products in our range, give our team a call on 01892752111 today!

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